• Child safety seat

    We are at your disposal with all kind of car seat for your child.

    5.00 €
  • Car with driver

    If you wish others to drive you, the ideal solution is to rent a car with driver. Our drivers are responsible and kind, and have a lot of experience in the transportation business persons, sports teams, families and children. Car rental with driver: + 30 euros / day – on the territory of the Montenegro, + 50 euros / day - outside of the territory of Montenegro.

    30.00 €
  • Free delivery car

    We offer you the option of delivering the vehicle for free in any city and town in Montenegro.

  • GPS navigator

    GPS navigator will help you find your way to an unknown destination

    5.00 €
  • DVD/TV Player

    Enjoy your favorite movies, music and photos while driving. Allows you to share the fun with friends and family, or use a separate DVD player to enjoy in their own films. You can also use the remote control while sitting in the car and enjoy the ride.

    10.00 €
  • Tourist brochures and maps of Montenegro

    You are not familiar enough to Montenegro, and want to experience its real charms? We offer tourist material which includes maps, local news and events, a review of accommodation and experiences of tourists.

  • Roof basket

    Having trouble with bulky piece of luggage? We will provide you a roof basket that will allow you to take whatever you want. 


    10.00 €
  • Roof rack

    Having trouble with bulky things like big luggage, bicycles, kayaks, skis, etc.? We will provide you a roof rack that will allow you to take whatever you want.

    10.00 €
  • Universal charger for laptops

    Want to check the mail, complete the private or business obligation and need the laptop? We provide you the opportunity to recharge your laptop while driving.

  • Universal charger for mobile phones

    Your battery is low and you want to be available on your cell phone? We provide you the opportunity to recharge your cell phone while driving.